Environmental Quality and Waste Management at OSU


Primary focus group contacts (scroll below for full team roster):

Doug Hamilton, Air and Waste Mentor

Air Quality (AQ) Shannon Ferrell

Waste Management (WM) Doug Hamilton

Municipal Waste Management (MWM) Ilda Hershey

Michael Smolen, Water Mentor

Emerging Contaminants and Pesticides (ECP) Jim Criswell

Water Literacy (WL) LaDonna McCowan-Ferrier

Small Scale Water Supply and Wastewater Management (SWWM) Mike Kizer

Stream Restoration/Rehabilitation (SRR) Garey Fox

Water Resource Conservation, Management and Policy (includes Water Conservation) (WCMP) Larry Sanders

Landscapes and the Environment (LID) Michael Holmes

Hailin Zhang, Soil and Ag Mentor

Nutrient Management  (NM) Hailin Zhang

Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources (SAGNR) Kefyalew Desta and Leland McDaniel

*To be added to the EQWM Team or the focus groups, contact Team Coordinator: Michael Smolen

Team Initiative Program Mission:

Promote collaborative research and extension programs addressing environmental issues of Oklahoma.

Increase public awareness of Environmental Quality and Waste Management research and extension programs underway in the OSU Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, and DASNR’s commitment to environmental programs as an important part of the land grant mission.

David Adams -Muskogee Urban 4H Ext - SRR

Damian Adams - AGEC Res/Teach - NM, WCMP

Kevin Allen - NREM Extn - WL

Marley Beem – NREM Ext - SRR, WL

Jason Belden – Zool Res/Teach EQWM Partner - ECP

Claude Bess -- SE District Ext - WMP

Joe Bidwell – Zool Res/Teach EQWM Partner - ECP

Tim Bowser – BAE (FAPC) Ext/Res - WM

Tracy Boyer -- AGEC Res/Teach - WCMP, MWM

Glenn Brown – BAE Res/Teach - LID

Beth Caniglia –  Soc Res/Teach

JD Carlson – BAE Res/Teach - AQ

Brian Carter – PSS Res/Teach - SWWM

Scott Carter  - ANSCI Res/Teach - AQ, WM

Rick Clovis – Okmulgee Cty Ext 4H

Janet Cole – HORT Res/Teach - LID

Jim Criswell – EPP Ext - ECP

Ron Dahlgren -- Ag Comm

Craig Davis – NREM Res/Teach

Shiping Deng – PSS Res/Teach - ECP

Kefyalew Desta – PSS Res/Teach - SAGNR, NM

Christina DeWitt  - ANSCI Res/Teach - WM

Mike Dicks – AGEC Res/Ext/Teach

Ron Elliott - BAE Dept. Head, EQWM Team Administrator

Shannon Ferrell –AGEC Res/Teach - AQ, WCMP

Garey Fox – BAE Res/Teach - SRR, ECP

Brian Freking – LeFlore County Ext - WM

Trisha Gedon – Ag Comm

Chad Godsey – PSS - SAGNR

Marty Dean Green – Adair County Ext - NM

Carmen Greenwood – Ent&PP Res/Teach - ECP, NM, SRR, SAGNR

Kevin Gustavson – OCC & Adjunct Faculty -  LID

John Haase – Rogers County Ext - LID

Doug Hamilton – BAE Ext - WM, AQ

Travis Hanks –Seminole Cty Ext

Jeff Hattey – PSS Res/Teach - WM, AQ, SAGNR

Michael Holmes –Hort & LA - LID

Ilda Hershey – AGEC Ext - MWM

Todd Johnson – Ag Comm

Tony Johnson – Latimer County Ext - WM

Michael Kizer – BAE Ext/Teach - SWWM, SAGNR, WM, WCMP

Wes Lee -- Murray County Ext - WCMP

Ross Love – DASNR Ast Dir - SAGNR

Sharla B. Lovern – BAE Ext - SRR, LID

Charles Luper – EPP Ext - ECP

Tomas Manske- Canadian County Ext

Jessie Yu Mao- BAE Res/Teach - ECP

Ginny McCarthick - Johnston County Ext - WM

Justin McConaghy - Cleveland County Ext

LaDonna McCowan-Ferrier BAE Ext - WL, SWWM, MWM, WCMP

Leland McDaniel - Carter County Ext - WCMP

Aaron Mittelstet –BAE Env Sci M.S.-WCMP

J. Brett Morris –Payne County Ext - WL

Bailey Norwood – AGEC Res/Teach

Donna Patterson –Rogers County Ext - WL

Josh Payne – NE District Ext - WM

Chad Penn - PSS - ECP, SWWM, NM, WM

Brian Pugh – Haskell County Ext - WM

Garvin Quinn - Dir. Ag. Services

William Raun – PSS - NMW

Katie Reim – Ag Comm

Warren Roberts – Hort & LA  - WM

Jeff Sallee -- 4H Youth Dev / Ext - WL, SWWM

Larry Sanders -- AGEC - WCMP

Michael Schnelle -- Hort&LA, Res\Ext - LID

Jackie Schroder – PSS Ext - WM, ECP

Kevin Shelton – EPP Ext - ECP

Michael Smolen – BAE Ext, EQWM Team Coordinator - WCMP, WM, SRR, WL ECP, MWM, LID, NM

Samantha Snyder – Oklahoma County Ext

Art Stoecker – AGEC Res/Teach - WCMP, SWWM, NM, SAGNR, WM

Dan Storm – BAE Res/Teach - NM, LID, SRR, ECP

Don Stotts – Ag Comm

Merritt Taylor – WWAREC Res/Ext - WM

Brad Tipton -- Canadian County Ext - WCMP, MWM, SAGNR

Don Turton – NREM Res/Teach - SRR

Jason Vogel – BAE Res/Ext - LID

Jason Warren - PSS Ext - NM, WM, SWWM

Kimberly Williams - HES Ext - WCMP

Roger Williams - Cherokee County Ext - WM

Bob Woods– NE District Ext - WM

Tony Yates -- Sequoyah County Ext - NM

Difei Zhang- NREM - WCMP, SAGNR

Hailin Zhang- PSS Ext - NM, ECP

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